Documents - Business Enhanced
Documents - Business Enhanced

Documents - Business Enhanced

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The Business Enhanced Documents package features Bed Bug Agreements, Sub-Agreements, Service Reports, Complete BedBug Central Protocols, Personalization of Headers with your business logo, 40+ Leave Behind Client Communications (English & Spanish) and a 30+ Slide Power Point Presentation to assist you in selling various audiences impacted by bed bugs. 

Business Enhanced Includes:

Sub agreements:

  • Bed Bug Agreement
  • Bed Bug Agreement: Residential
  • Bed Bug Non Elimination Agreement
  • Bed Bug Surrounding Unit Inspection Agreement
  • Bed Bug 3-Service Agreement
  • Bed Bug Service Protocol
  • Bed Bug Inspection Protocol
  • Bed Bug 3-Service Protocol
  • Bed Bug Office Protocol
  • Bed Bug Heat Protocol
  • Bed Bug Service Report
Management Communication Forms:
  • Bed Bug Management Fact Sheet
  • Bed Bug Management Tasks
  • Bed Bug Hotel Information Sheet (English & Spanish)
  • Bed Bug Vacant Unit Information Sheet
  • Bed Bug Surrounding Unit Information Sheet
  • Conditional Elimination
Additional Client Communication Forms:
  • Bed Bug Client Preparation Sheet (English & Spanish)
  • Luggage Inspection (English & Spanish)
  • Bed Bug Expectations of Service (English & Spanish)
  • Bed Bug Symptoms (English & Spanish)
  • Bed Bug Closets (English & Spanish)
  • Bed Bugs Underneath (English & Spanish)
  • Bed Bug Encasements (English & Spanish)
  • Bed Bug Bagging of Clothes (English & Spanish)
  • Luggage Treatment (English & Spanish)
  • Encasement Installation (English & Spanish)
  • Encasement Inspection (English & Spanish)
  • Bed Bug Felt Padding (English & Spanish)
  • Bed Bug Clutter Reduction (English & Spanish)
  • Bed Bug Fact Sheet (English & Spanish)
  • Pictures & Wall Hangings
  • Required Preparation Sheet
  • BlackOut Insect Interceptor Device
  • Bed Bug Follow Up Survey (English & Spanish)
  • Bed Bug Client Sheet (English & Spanish)
  • Bed Bug Control Sheet (English & Spanish)
  • Bed Bug Follow Up Info Sheet (English & Spanish)
  • Control Decision Page
  • BedBug Central Sales PowerPoint Presentation

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