Blackout BedBug Detector 4 Pack
Blackout BedBug Detector 4 Pack

Blackout BedBug Detector 4 Pack

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Bed bugs can often live undetected in various environments for a long period of time before they are noticed. At that point, it can sometimes become a costly problem for homeowners when it comes to bed bug treatment.

If you’re looking for a proactive approach to bed bug monitoring in your home, SenSci™ has the products you need for a complete home monitoring system.

The SenSci™ BlackOut™ is the original, scientifically proven bed bug interception device designed by BedBug Central’s expert, Jeff White. The durable and highly-effective under-the-leg bed bug interception device can detect up to 95% of bed bug infestations in as little as two weeks.

Place one SenSci BlackOut device under each of the bed legs, couches, or other furniture of concern for bed bugs.

Package contains 4 devices.

·      Detects all levels of bed bug infestations.

·      Black color helps to attract bed bugs; allows for easy inspection.

·      Discourages bugs from returning to bed or furniture.

·      Crack and Break Resistant.

·      No powder or additives necessary.


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