Thermal Strike Ranger

Thermal Strike Ranger

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Eliminate the risk of bringing home bed bugs in your luggage. The ThermalStrike Ranger eliminates this risk by surrounding the luggage with low levels of heat on all sides - effectively destroying all stages of bed bugs and their eggs. Simply place the luggage into the Ranger, zip the lid, and start the timer

Completely Surround Heating 
The Ranger is constructed with a UL recognized heating element which evenly distributes the heat around all 6 sides. This ensures that there are not excessive hot spots that could damage the contents or cold spots that could allow the bugs to hide. The Ranger includes a built-in thermometer and timer. 

Rugged, Portable and Collapsible Design 
The PVC enclosure area is sealed, welded construction to prevent escape during treatment, and easy to clean. The insulated outer shell is high durability 420D nylon for years of use and energy efficiency, with industrial zippers. The entire unit folds and clips together for easy storage in even the smallest city apartment. 

Hassle-Free and Versatile 
The Ranger is easy to load. No rearranging the contents to ensure air flow, unlike single source heating systems. The Ranger can heat treat a wide variety of items that are often difficult or expensive to treat by other means - including shoes, dry clean items, and blankets. 

Additional Features 
• Dual safety circuits to protect your home, suitcase, and garment 
• Quiet, no moving parts 
• Treatment time generally 8 hours or less

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