APEX 390 Steam Cleaner
APEX 390 Steam Cleaner

APEX 390 Steam Cleaner

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The new APX390 is a high quality steam cleaning system that is ETL Listed.  This product cleans, deodorizes and sanitizes hard and soft surfaces without chemicals…only tap water is used.  It passes both black light and swab tests.  The APX390 includes numerous attachments for various surface applications.  This compact and portable cleaning system is very effective in the treatment protocol for bed bugs & eggs, drain flies & larvae and other pests.  The APX390 provides a treatment option for clients with allergy issues, a product for strategic surfaces like beds and children’s rooms & toys, safe around food, and a product to provide overkill in strategic areas. The steam dispensed is only 5% moisture.  There are three pressure options of 35, 45, and 56 PSI.  The steam dispensed is 220 degrees F at the tip.  A full tank of water provides 2 hours of operating time.  When water is depleted it only takes 12 minutes to refill and reheat.  The APX390 is very user friendly for the operator.

*NOTE: Bag in image is sold separately. APX390 Carrying Bag can be purchased here.

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